Re-banding process explained.

Hopefully you have a much better understanding of how the Council Tax system works. How this hurriedly introduced system has led to so many properties being misvalued, therefore, incorrectly banded.

Now let us take you through the re-banding process, how easy YourShed make your claim.

Are you paying more than you should?

The Re-banding Process

If you suspect your home was misvalued and placed in the wrong Council Tax band, you can appeal. But to be successful, you’ll need to provide evidence to support your claim. Compiling this evidence is possible, but it’s a laborious, time-consuming process.

Click the link below and enter your PostCode. If we believe your property is in the wrong band, you’ll receive a message and a link to your detailed evidence report.
Understanding the re-banding process is the key to unlocking Council Tax savings and a significant rebate. 

Eligibility Checker

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How Do I Prove I’m in the Wrong Council Tax Band?

Essentially, you’ll need to prove to the Value Office Agency (VOA) that your home was overvalued. You can make your case by submitting evidence to show properties of similar character and size in your immediate area were placed in a lower Council Tax band.

Of course, you can do most of the research on the internet and by talking to your neighbours. But this takes time and effort, and finding the most up-to-date information isn’t always easy. But by purchasing a detailed evidence report from YourShed, you can give your Council Tax reband appeal the best possible chance of success — simply by entering your Postcode and selecting your property. 

We'll do the heavy lifting.