Your council tax band could be leaving you short changed.

Could you be owed thousands of pounds and also save hundreds of pounds each year? Could your property be in the wrong council tax band?

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We had our doubts initially but we’re over the moon with our refund and will use it to go on a much needed break!

Mrs J. from Oxfordshire was paying too much council tax and she recovered over £3000 in overpayments by using

You could be throwing money away on the wrong council tax band, we can help you get it back.

Why council tax analysis is so important

Your property is based on the council tax band system that was setup in the early 1990’s for England and Scotland and mid-2000’s for Wales. Each property was given a band from A to H (I in Wales) based on the valuation at that time.

The band then determines what council tax you will need to pay each year.

Due to the speed of the implementation of the system many errors were made in evaluating a properties council tax band.

Could your property be one of these?

Check Your Eligibility

How does it work?

It's as easy as 1,2,3

We have developed an online council tax band tool which will, within a few minutes, determine if your property should be in a lower band by performing various checks against HM Land Registry data local to your property. The tool is completely FREE to use.

Enter your home address

Use the quick address finder to locate your current address

Our tool will do some calculations

Our tool will perform various checks to see if your property should be in a lower band

Purchase an evidence pack

We will guide you on the submission process once an evidence pack has been purchased

Get re-banded & refunded!

Wait for a decision from the VOA and, if successful, your property's band will be changed!

But does it REALLY work?

It absolutely does

We get it, you’ve got some doubts - but our system has been very successful for our customers using the YourShed evidence pack.

Some of these customers have had multiple thousands of pounds refunded and a reduction in their ongoing council tax. Even if you are unsuccessful we will refund the fee for the YourShed evidence pack, simply contact us if this happens!

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Q. How long does the process take?

Experience tells us that when the evidence pack has been submitted to the Value Office Agency for review to getting confirmation that you have or have not been succcessful in getting your council tax band reduced can take around three months.

Q. How much will I get if successful?

This really depends on how long you have lived in the property. Some of our customers have had their properties in the wrong tax band since the inception of the council tax and this has meant a refund of multiple thousands of pound to some customers who have been in a property for around a year and had refunded a few hundred pounds.

Also as your Council Tax band has been lowered then your ongoing council tax payments will also be reduced.

Q. Does YourShed take care of everything for me?

Yourshed will provide an indepth evidence pack report that can be submitted by you via Email to the Value Office Ageny for review.

The evidence pack provides compelling detail on why your property should have the council tax band reduced and takes the hardwork out of gathering all this data.

*Please note at this time we are unable to perform the analysis on Scottish properties.

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